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Please read the these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before contacting us:

Where can I order my Postal Exam Success Kit?

Click here now to order your Postal Exam Success Kit.

I don’t have the money now.  Can I still order the Postal Exam Success Kit?

Absolutely!  If you pay with a credit card, you can order your Postal Exam Success Kit today and pay your credit card provider later.  The charge will show up on your credit card statement when you order, but you don’t have to pay your credit card provider until you have the money available.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our refund terms are simple: either you will pass the Postal Exam on your first attempt or we will refund you for the full amount.  No questions asked.

I don’t have a credit card.  How can I pay?

We accept both credit and debit cards.  Do you have a PalPal account?  Contact us now to ask how you can pay with PayPal.

I already registered or passed the Postal Exam?  Now what?

Congratulations.  If you’ve already registered with the USPS or passed the postal exam, you’re off to a good start.  But you’re still here for a reason.  You still haven’t gotten a job with the USPS.  Don’t worry, we can help.  The Postal Exam Success Kit will show you the exact steps to getting hired by the USPS from setting up your eCareer profile to searching jobs and getting called by hiring managers.

Why do I have to pay to take the Postal Exam Success Kit?

Getting hired by the USPS is very confusing.  You are more than welcome to try and take the postal exam on your own.  But honestly, we do not recommend it.  Why?  Because it’s an uphill battle and you’ll be competing against our customers – people who’ve purchased the Postal Exam Success Kit and have the tools and resources to set up their eCareer profile properly, search for local jobs, pass the postal exam with a high score, and impress hiring managers.  It’s your decision, but we sure wouldn’t want to compete against our customers.

Are there jobs available in my area?

Yes.  The post office is continually posting new jobs all over the United States.   We’ll show you the exact steps to finding the perfect job in your area.

How is the Postal Exam Success Kit delivered?

The Postal Exam Success Kit is a PDF ebook and is emailed to you immediately.  After you purchase the Postal Exam Success Kit, you’ll download the eBook to your computer so you can start learning immediately!  You’ll also receive an email confirmation with full instructions.


Is this site secure?

All payments made on are secure and processed through a 256 bit SSL encryption.  So you can rest assured your data is completely safe.

Will the Postal Exam Success Kit really help me get a job?

Yes!  We’ll walk you through each stage of the process – from learning how to enter an eCareer Profile, to preparing for the 473 exam, you can conduct your job search with complete confidence.

I never received the download link.  Now what?

If you purchased the Postal Exam Success Kit, you should have received an email confirmation with a download link.  Please check your spam or junk folder for this email.

If you signed up for FREE Hiring Guide, it’s delivered as an email series and there is no download link.

What if I can’t open the product?

To view the product on your computer, you need Adobe Reader. To install a free copy of Adobe Reader, visit, uncheck “Free McAfee Security Scan Plus”, click “Install now”, and following Adobe’s installation instructions.

How can I contact you in case I need help?

For the quickest response, the best way to contact us is through our online contact form below.

Do you have a additional question?  Contact us below…

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  • a) full name used at checkout (if cardholder name and your name are different, please include both names)
  • b) exact email used at checkout
  • c) exact date of purchase
  • d) order number

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